What Is Short Wave Therapy?

by Brandon Baranowski

  Short Wave Therapy is a form of holistic treatment. Holistic refers to the therapeutic principle that people are whole entities and must be treated in entirety; physical, psychological and metaphysical. Physical pertains to the body, a construct of the material. Psychology is considered the science of the mind and literally means the "study of the soul." Metaphysical is concerned with the abstract incorporeal force that postulates sentience. The purpose of short wave treatments is to give individuals relief, whether acute or chronic, and promote general well-being through guidance.

  The conduit of short wave therapy is energy. Energy itself is difficult to define and full comprehension still eludes even the most accomplished of scientists. Energy in it's fundamental form is to the universe as matter is to mass, that is, energy is the building block of reality. Everything in existence is comprised of energy and energy, per the dictionary, is defined as action. Action, in loose terms, is movement and movement is vibration. If everything is made of energy than that means the molecules in our body are in a constant state of resonance. Enlightenment is often referred to as "raising one's vibration," and energy methodologies attempt to do just that. Ailments are often subject to the mind projected through the body. Giving attention to the flow of energy through the body to the mind and on to the emotion can promote fluidity in life. Eastern belief systems, such as Taoism, teach that life is like a river and one simply has to go with the flow.

  After understanding physical and mental concerns, a practitioner may utilize energy therapy. Energy therapy is an ancient practice that pre-dates documentation. Laying of hands, hands on healing or palm healing has been utilized by many cultures and religious affiliations since man has been able to ponder one's connection with reality (cogito ergo sum). There are many different forms of projecting this healing factor, I however choose to use Reiki. I have over a decade of experience in the discarnate, and am a Shinpiden in Traditional Usui Reiki and attuned in Sekhem, Karuna, and Tibetan modalities.

  Reiki was developed in Japan by Sensei Mikao Usui in 1922. An accurate history of Reiki may never come to full light. Shugendō, a spiritual tradition comprised of several religious influences, was probably responsible for most of it and Hawayo Takata often referred to Jesus Christ as an influence. It is believed that Usui practised a 21 day prayer and fast in which time he discovered Reiki. A lot of what we do know about Reiki comes from Sensei Hawayo Takata, who was trained by doctor Chujiro Hayashi, a disciple of Mikao Usui. Takata, a Hawaiian native, is known for introducing Reiki to the Western World. Many now believe that Takata was responsible for embellishing Reiki tradition and history to make it more marketable to Americans during the World War 2 era.

  Reiki follows the five principles, or Gokai, which are guided by the modality "just for today." Just for today is a mantra that focuses on the responsibility of the here and now. In most modalities Reiki utilizes some form of kotodama, spirit words, and coinciding symbols, but also allows for intuitive interpretation. Traditional Reiki teaches that the practitioner is a vessel in which universal life energy may be transmitted. The care of the patient is solely in the hands of that person's higher-self or id and the directive of the Universe. The directive is not to be confused with the Westernised dogmatization of karma or creationism but refers directly to a state of causation. What is best for the individual often may elude the ego. Reiki is also not secular and may accompany other practices, Eastern and Western.

  Science has yet to find credibility in the ideology of the human energy field. However, that has not stopped individuals from practising and benefiting from energy healing. Although not yet fully understood, medical professionals are finding more and more that treating the mental and emotional state of their patients often yields better results than just the physical. Some sceptics would say that the likelihood of an esoteric form of energy yet to be discovered by the scientific field that is harboured in every individual to be very unlikely and even borderline ludicrous. With that said, scientists still speculate various energies and workings of the universe, not yet quantifiable, such as dark matter. Humanity has yet to understand the intricacies of the body, the formula of nourishment or the measurement of emotion. It is possible that the existence of ki, or life energy, has eluded the microscope thus far.

  Likely, a Reiki practitioner is able to promote cellular growth through a combination of electrical, magnetic and thermal projections at a beneficial level. Some have even claimed through studying a Reiki practitioner they were able to measure increased levels of electromagnetic energy being directed from his or her hands. Modern medicine understands that moderate amounts of things are necessary for the human body but that extreme amounts are detrimental and even fatal. Nutrition is often a balance of the right nutrients at the right time. A deficit or over-abundance can result in disease. Humans need a moderate amount of heat, too much would cause them to have heat stroke and too little would cause hypothermia. Doctors have even been prescribing electrical treatments through the use of tens units or even a shock to encourage a heart to continue beating. A small amount of electricity is found to be beneficial where as a large amount, such as that of a lightning strike, is known to be destructive.

  In length, energy healing is just one form of energy manipulation used during spiritual counselling. Short Wave Therapy attempts to treat the patient holistically, that is, the entire energy body. As a physician would never state to stop seeing a mental professional and a psychologist would not warn against physical treatment, likewise energy therapy should not be viewed as a replacement for these two areas of well-being. However, as an experienced physician will consider the mental, spiritual counselling must do the same. For what good is a mind without a body and a body without a soul?*

  "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

*Soul in this regard refers to the spark of life that animates our body.

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